About the company

The PARKETA CENTRS network of stores was created in 2000. Our goal in establishing PARKETA CENTRS was directed toward the creation of a specialised network of stores in Latvia, which could give our customers the broadest and most comprehensive offering of wood and laminate floor coverings, professional services, and a personal approach to each customer. Our salon is located in Daugavpils 18. novembra iela 171.

Our partners are companies known throughout Europe and worldwide, such as QUICK•STEP® (Belgium), CLASSEN (Germany), as well as leading Latvian manufacturers of parquet and wooden floors, offering solid-panel and block parquet. We also offer a broad selection of triple-layered parquet from such manufacturers as: Barlinek (Poland), Tarkett (Sweden), Universal Flooring (Malaysia), Parla (Finland), and Boen (Lithuania), but our company specialises in offering triple-layer parquet from the manufacturer QUICK•STEP® (Belgium), premiering in 2011 not just in Latvia, but also worldwide, and distinguished by its high quality and diverse décor styles.

We also offer a wide selection of baseboards, thresholds, isolation barriers and the accessories needed for installation. We also offer a wide choice of professional products for the care of wooden and laminate floor coverings.

Parketa Centrs offers the professional services of our experts. If required, our expert can come to your site, give a professional consultation, determine the correct sub-flooring required for your installation, deliver an estimate and install the flooring of your choice with a guarantee. Our experts even perform all of the additional work associated with installation of floor coverings. We also offer delivery of materials in Daugavpils and beyond the city.

With our vast professional experience, you can rely on us.