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The frame of the door leaf consists of conifer, MDF and plywood. It is paneled with wood-derived board and laminated according to the declared decors (Classen Iridium- IR., Classen CPL-CPL., Classen PRIMO-PR.). Inner stabilizing filling – high specialized cardboard with the structure and construction which are close to a honeyed cell or strengthened construction Classen HARD. Massive construction – board DSP with openings and the third articulate hinge is ordered with the additional payment.

Manufacturer Germany
Types of doors interior
Cover type Laminate consisting IR-PR-3D
Construction MDF
Dimensions 60' , 70' , 80' , 90'
Door frame STANDART 2065 x 686.,786.,886.,986
Adjustable door frame 2047mm x 645.,745.,845.,945
Double leaf door yes
Handle without lock no
Lock change yes
Three silver hinges yes
Replacement of decorative glasses yes
Art.761€ pc
Art.762€ pc
Art.763€ pc
Art.764€ pc